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Adam Pete homepage

Adam Pete born on 5 August 1966 in Tarnowskie Góry (Tarnowice) in Upper Silesia in what was then socialist/communist Poland.

At the age of about fifteen, his interest in the visual arts developed more and more, especially poetry, drawing and painting.

While at his school at the time, a technically oriented grammar school, he kept, among other things, the school chronicle (in Gothic script with numerous illustrations, drawings and watercolours), he sought contact with the artistic scene in his town and found it at the local cultural centre called "Kolejarz", which translates into German as the "railway worker". Typical of the naming system of the time.

In 1983, a group of ambitious artists formed around the painter Stanislaw Filipiak, who represented classical realism, and was given the name "Model".

Adam Pete became the youngest member as well as an unofficial student of the master.

In 1984, his first solo exhibition followed in the foyer of the Cultural Centre. Poems, drawings, watercolours and the first oil paintings such as "The Bus Stop" and "Running" were presented.

In 1985, Adam Pete and his family left Poland and moved to the Federal Republic of Germany.

The baroque town of Fulda, where his grandparents lived, with its wealth of architectural and scenic treasures, became the inspiring motif for his watercolours and drawings for the early days in Germany, which he was able to present to the wider public at the exhibitions of the Fuldau Art Association. He thus quickly made a name for himself in the region.

In 1989, he graduated from the Ferdinand Braun School of Design in Fulda with a degree in ceramics.

Civilian service in the care of the severely disabled, worth mentioning because the painter awakened and taught the interest, enthusiasm and fascination for drawing and painting, which seemed impossible to him, in one of his young paraplegic quadriplegics who had been ordered to care for him.

Since 1991, Adam Pete has now devoted himself exclusively to painting and experimental art, together with the music and performance group he co-founded, "Hübsche 1500 Polinnen" later "ASCHENBERG". A series of solo and group exhibitions followed in various cities in Germany and Europe, including Poland, Great Britain and Spain.

In98, Adam Pete finally relocated completely to the Mediterranean island of Mallorca, where he still has his domicile and studio in the centre of Palma de Mallorca, the capital of the Balearic island.

Here, over time and under the influence of the special climate and light conditions appreciated by generations of painters, the variety of themes in his work crystallised; his palette became clearer and more "joyful", his paintings more concentrated and distinct, without neglecting the poetic magic and contemplative background.

Allegories, whose main characters are people in unusual, as well as animals in almost too direct, almost striking poses, draw the viewer into their orbit to take him into the abstract, at first sight invisible, emotionally charged spectrum of the loudly painterly and quietly poetic world of Adam Pete.


Galerie "Harlekin", Luzern, Schweiz, 2020/2021

  • Gallerie Harlekin Luzern, Schweiz
  • Gallerie Harlekin Luzern, Schweiz
  • Gallerie Harlekin Luzern, Schweiz

Galerie „Inny Śląsk“ Tarnowskie Góry (Polen) „30 Jahre Kunst“ Jubiläumsausstellung 2014
Galerie Mensing Konstanz Einzelausstellung 2014
Galerie Mensing München Einzelausstellung 2014
seit 2013 Zusammenarbeit mit der Galerie Mensing
Zusammenarbeit mit der Galerie Hella Maria Höfer Mallorca 2012
Golf Club „Son Gual“ Mallorca Dauerausstellung seit 2011
Ausstellungs Halle; Rathaus zu Calvia, Einzelausstellung 2011
Kultur Finca „Son Baulo“ Einzelausstellung, Autorenlesung 2010
„Genussmittel“ in Soller 2008[2]
Foundation of the gallery Apogäum Soller Mallorca 2006
Kultur Finca „Son Baulo“, Einzelausstellung, Lyrische Experimente mit Publikum-Autoren Abend 2006
Galerie Placa Palma de Mallorca 2005
Bootshalle „Alter Hafen“, Hamburg 2003
Ständige Ausstellung Resort-Hotel La Qinta-Menorca 2002-2004
Hotel Marriott, Hotel Galatzo Einzelausstellung 2001
Galerie Raab Fulda Einzelausstellung 2000
Ständige Ausstellung im Ofra Resort Hotel Mallorca, jetzt Lindner Hotel seit 1999
Galerie „Augenart“ Hamburg 1998 Einzelausstellung
Gründung der „EIN-WERK-EIN KÜNSTLER-GALERIE“ Fulda 1997
Galerie „Raab“ Fulda, „Experiment Rhön“ Einzelausstellung 1996
Kunst bei Kunz, Kronberg Taunus, Einzelausstellung 1995
Hotel Maritim, Fulda Einzelausstellung 1994
Galerie „SUB“ Hannover 1993
Künstler-Galerie Vordreau Museum Fulda 1992
Foundation of the art group "Zeug“
Poetic work and experiments under the pseudonym "DADAM KNETE"
Herbst-Dichter Preis Galerie „Inny Śląsk“ Tarnowskie Gory (Polen) 1991
Foundation and intensive musical and artistic work with the group "Hübsche 1500 Polinnen" later "Aschenberg" concert tour and happenings
„So viel Anfang war noch nie“ Prohibited Performance University Square, Fulda, 1990
Mural in the media centre of the Ferdinand Braun School, Fulda 1989
Eastern European Cultural Centre „Ignis“,Köln 1987
Kulturhaus-Kolejarz, Tarnowskie Gory (Polen) 1984,1985,1986 Einzelausstellung